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New Outer Body Llama fan website!

A new Outer Body Llama fan website has materialized at


Outer Body Llama at the Wonderland Ballroom Live Concert footage "Golden Sand" January 14 2009

Without a doubt Washington DC's best rock band: Outer Body Llama.. Caught their concert at the Wonderland Ballroom about ten days ago..These guys don't just refuse to go away, they keep getting better!..OBL played two full sets mixing songs from their older albums ("Electric Child Freakshow", "Outer Body Llama"), a couple of nuggets from the 2007 ep "Bad Kind", newer material (album on the way?), material from the still yet unreleased "Lemon Rock Pie" opera and a choice cover or two...The Llanes brothers have been performing in the DC area for over 15 years ago and the band -which has opened for the Smithereens, Violent Femmes among others- and expanded from a trio to a quartet and refashioned the rhythm section with the addition of Rich Bindell on bass and Andrew Keener providing propulsion/kick on the drums- is tight.. Getting Bindell- hailing from the Pittsburgh scene and the North Neville Street Blues band via Sugarland- to hold down the bass chair in the band gives the band added range on the harmonies and frees up Eduardo Llanes on the keyboards...Eduardo Llanes speak sings in a Lou Reed drawl with some Frank Black/Luna influence thrown in providing much needed color and textures to the songs on the ivories while Enrique Llanes who contributes the occasional lead vocal has blossomed into one of the best guitarists around (check out his solo on this track).. The truth is that over the years there's been a lack of much of a DC scene- I still think the Dischord/Straight Edge scene has cast a large pall on DC pretty much sucking all the air, life and of course fun out of the room- but these guys have been right there kicking it out. Take "Golden Sand" featured in the video (sorry about the quality) which gives Pavement a run for their money and is better than anything on that band's final two albums. "Golden Sand" is of course originally from the Lemon Rock Pie rock opera which remains unreleased although the ocassional bootleg has been known to circulate around DC.

Andrew Keener

Holding down the drummer's chair is Lake Anna's own pride and joy Andrew "Buckcherry" Keener...When the songs need that bit of ass kick in the ass Keener gives it that extra edge..

Upcoming next Outer Body Llama concert in Washington DC

At the Red and the Black in Washington DC February 14 2009 8 pm. For more info please visit the Red and the Black website

Contact info and address:Tel (202) 399-3201 • 1212 H Street, NE, Washington, DC

Outer Body Llama will be playing with the Drunken Banshees

Outer Body Llama at the Wonderland Ballroom January 14 2009 "Battleground State"


OK I've decided to set up a fan blog for one of my favorite bands Outer Body Llama. Lets see how it goes...